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Ideal entry point for investors looking to generate income and growth

CVC Income & Growth Limited (CVCIG)’s underlying Investment Vehicle Manager, the CVC European Credit Opportunities S.à r.l, has a 14-year track record and has generated attractive returns for CVCIG in an environment where the underlying central bank base interest rates were at or around zero. The Investment Vehicle Manager believes CVCIG provides a unique opportunity to get involved in an overlooked asset class.

The income yields in today’s markets have not been seen in many years. Central bank base interest rates are now considerably higher and the yield to maturity on the well diversified CVCIG portfolio is now in the high teens, so investors get equity-like returns to take on credit risk.

The combination of downside protection offered by the senior secured position in the capital structure of investee companies and an Investment Vehicle Manager with a proven performance provide an ideal entry point for investors looking to generate both income and growth.

Finally, the closed-ended structure of CVCIG as an investment company allows many investors, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to this asset class, to invest in loans typically unavailable in a UCITS format.