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Robust stewardship of a diversified European portfolio

Our investment policy, adopted by shareholders in May 2022, is to invest predominantly in debt instruments issued by companies across various industries domiciled, or with material operations, in Western Europe. These investments are mainly focused on the senior secured obligations of such companies, but investments are also made across the capital structure of such companies.

CVC Income & Growth Limited (CVCIG) invests all its assets, save for a working capital balance, in the Investment Vehicle which is subject to the following limits (Investment Limits): 

The Investment Vehicle is permitted to borrow up to an amount equal to 100% of the net asset value of the Investment Vehicle at the time of borrowing (the Borrowing Limit).

Objective and/or policy changes

The investment objective and investment policy of the Investment Vehicle are consistent with the investment objective and investment policy of CVCIG. In the event that changes are made to CVCIG’s investment objective or investment policy or of the investment (including the Investment Limits and/or the Borrowing Limit), the Directors will seek shareholder approval for changes which are either (a) material in their own right or (b) when viewed as a whole, together with previous non-material changes, constitute a material change from the published investment objective or policy of the Company.

Borrowing Limit

CVCIG may borrow up to 15% of the NAV of the Company for the sole purpose of purchasing or redeeming its own shares otherwise than pursuant to Contractual Quarterly Tenders.